About Us

After three years of building an amazing and loyal community of almost a half million incredible pets, we decided it was time to create our very first Petzbe product - Salmon Breath Mints, for a delicious salmon breath! Our mission is to provide wonderful, unique experiences & products that our community will love; and to give back to animals in need. ❤️ 🐾
Through our app, we’ve donated over $120,000 to various animal charities and rescues through our monthly Lend a Paw campaign. For each photo shared this day with #Lendapaw, Petzbe donates $1 to an animal cause.  And now we can donate even more because in addition to Lend a paw, 10% of all Salmon Breath Mint profits will be donated to animal causes. ❤️ 🐾
Petzbe was founded by Angus, a Brussels Griffon, deemed to be the tiniest & most handsome CEO in the world, & his human Andrea. When Andrea adopted Angus, she experienced a kind of love she had never experienced before. She says Angus is the inspiration behind Petzbe.  ❤️ 🐾